Joe Gacy: EVOLVE Role Paved Way to WWE Contract

Joe Gacy journey from EVOLVE to NXT showcases determination.

by Atia Mukhtar
Joe Gacy: EVOLVE Role Paved Way to WWE Contract
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In a riveting episode of "Out of Character," WWE NXT standout, Joe Gacy, delved deep into his professional journey and the series of events that led to his coveted WWE contract. Gacy reminisced, "The gateway to WWE for me was EVOLVE Wrestling.

It's a platform I'd aimed to join for a few years." The wrestler recollected attending a couple of their tryout seminar camps. The first, led by the legendary William Regal, was a transformative experience. "I was eager to be part of EVOLVE," Gacy explained, "But the opportunity to learn from someone like Regal was irresistible.

They seemed to take a shine to me, but nothing materialized at that time."

Perseverance Lands Joe Gacy NXT Spot

However, persistence paid off. At another tryout, this one spearheaded by Norman Smiley, Gacy showcased his talent with vigor.

"Post that tryout, not only did I perform at an EVOLVE show that very night, but I also found myself on NXT as extra talent a month later. While I didn’t feature in any specific role, the networking was invaluable," Gacy elaborated.

The year 2020 was pivotal for him. His consistent bookings with EVOLVE and an intense rivalry with The Street Profits as part of The Unwanted faction pushed him further into the limelight. With EVOLVE's 10th Anniversary event being telecasted on the WWE Network, Gacy felt the dream inching closer.

"But then, COVID-19 struck," he said, the weight of the memory evident. "The planned WrestleMania week in Tampa for 2020 was upended. Four EVOLVE events, including matches I was ardently prepping for, got scrapped." The rollercoaster took another turn when WWE acquired EVOLVE.

The next stage was unexpected. "Gabe Sapolsky gave me a heads-up about an upcoming conversation with a WWE talent scout. I braced myself, anticipating a rigorous interview," Gacy chuckled, "Yet, within minutes, they extended an offer.

No second thoughts, no hesitations. I embraced it, fulfilling a dream I'd long harbored." By the end of August 2020, Gacy's new adventure began, marking his relocation to Orlando and the commencement of an exciting WWE chapter.

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