Road Dogg Breaks Down WWE Use of Finn Balor's 'Demon' Alter Ego


Road Dogg Breaks Down WWE Use of Finn Balor's 'Demon' Alter Ego
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To WWE fans, Finn Balor's "Demon" persona is more than just an exciting burst of color—it's an embodiment of a heightened form of the superstar. Saved for monumental moments, this alter ego showcases a different, more aggressive dimension of Balor.

As the body and face paint is adorned, and the usual moveset changes, the audience always knows they're in for an extraordinary performance.

"Road Dogg" Analyzes "The Demon"

Former WWE superstar "Road Dogg" Brian James recently delved deep into the logic behind Balor's alternate persona on the podcast "Oh You Didn’t Know." James was effusive in his praise, stating, "I love it, but once you beat 'The Demon', he's essentially finished." This is a testament to the larger-than-life essence of "The Demon." Historically, when Balor dons this persona, it’s a sign of assured victory.

This is not just a character; it's a mechanism allowing Balor to manifest an unprecedented form of aggression, even verging on the supernatural. But like all heroes, "The Demon" has faced his share of defeats. Memorable moments include losses to the likes of Samoa Joe during the WWE NXT tenure, the indomitable Roman Reigns, and recently, to Edge at the much-hyped WrestleMania 39.

James elaborated on the character's importance to the storyline, saying, "You unleash 'The Demon' when victory is certain. From a booking perspective, a loss as 'The Demon' diminishes the aura. It raises the question, is he genuinely special or just another performer?" Over the years, "The Demon" has amassed an ardent fanbase within the WWE Universe.

However, the very man behind the mask, Balor, has confessed that relying on this persona felt like leaning on a crutch. With this revelation, fans and critics alike are left wondering: Will "The Demon" make another triumphant return to the ring? Only time will tell.

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