Becky Lynch Details Feud with WWE Legend Trish Stratus


Becky Lynch Details Feud with WWE Legend Trish Stratus
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In the unpredictable world of WWE, alliances can swiftly turn into intense rivalries. Over the past five months, this has been exemplified by the shifting dynamics between Becky Lynch and WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus. From being tag team allies at WWE WrestleMania 39, the duo has morphed into adversaries, culminating in a scheduled steel cage showdown at WWE Payback on September 2.

During a candid conversation on "The Bump," Becky Lynch, a former world champion, delved deep into the origins and the underlying emotions of her dispute with Stratus. "It's quite jarring to recall that Trish, in many respects, played a mentor's role in my early days," Lynch reminisced.

"She was especially supportive after the birth of my daughter, Roux. Her guidance on balancing motherhood with the demands of our industry was invaluable." Becky revealed a tender side, highlighting that her daughter, Roux, once shared heartwarming moments with Stratus on Lynch’s tour bus.

Trish Stratus Targets Becky Lynch Family

However, this camaraderie was short-lived. The animosity began when Stratus, riding on her legendary status, unceremoniously targeted Lynch. Becky believes that the root of Stratus' aggression stems from jealousy.

Yet, what truly infuriated Becky was Stratus’ audacity to drag her family into their professional feud. The hurt and frustration were palpable in Lynch's voice as she stated, "She might dub herself the 'GOAT' (Greatest of All Time) — and that's clearly a fallacy.

She might label me with all sorts of names, and honestly, I can shrug that off. But the line is crossed when she speaks about my daughter, about my family. She's hitting at the very core of my world, and that's something I can't forgive." With such profound emotions at play, their upcoming match promises not only high-octane action but also a narrative rich in personal vendettas and deep-rooted animosities.

One can only wonder what the outcome at WWE Payback will mean for both their careers and their intertwined personal histories.

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