Saraya messages Mercedes Mone


Saraya messages Mercedes Mone
Saraya messages Mercedes Mone © Saraya Twitch Streams/Youtube

On a night destined to be immortalized in the annals of professional wrestling, Saraya made her triumphant entrance to the AEW ring, flanked by her proud family, to the electrifying beats of Queen’s classic, 'We Will Rock You.'

This event, held at the record-breaking All In, witnessed Saraya's crowning moment as she clinched the AEW Women’s Championship. Yet, London's electric atmosphere was charged not only by Saraya's ascendancy. Mercedes Mone, another titan of the wrestling world, was spotted among the spectators, subtly signaling the unfolding of another saga in the AEW storyline.

Fans had their first glimpse of Mone during the pre-show, and again, after the AEW Trios Championship was secured by The Acclaimed and Badd Ass Billy Gunn against The House of Black. Addressing the media in the wake of All In, both Saraya and Tony Khan, the key players behind AEW, commented on Mone's conspicuous presence.

While Khan cautiously remarked that Mone wasn’t officially cleared to step into the ring just yet, Saraya, with the gleaming championship now adorning her, issued a fearless challenge: “Seeing her there, I thought, ‘She’s observing my moves, my moment.

Good.’ Our past isn’t forgotten. Capturing this championship with her as a witness was intentional. And if she ever decides to challenge, I'm ready. So, Mercedes, if this reaches you, know that AEW eagerly awaits your step into our arena”.

But what forms the tapestry of Saraya and Mercedes Mone’s intertwined fate?

Saraya's Triumph Over Past Adversities

Saraya’s meteoric rise to AEW's pinnacle is awe-inspiring, especially considering the setback she faced due to a grave neck injury.

This injury hails back to a pivotal six-woman tag team match in December 2017 during her tenure with WWE. It was during this match that a move executed by Mercedes Mone, then operating under the moniker Sasha Banks, unintentionally resulted in Saraya's injury.

Notably, despite the gravity of the incident, both athletes have maintained a public stance of professionalism and respect, devoid of any animosity. Now, as AEW's landscape evolves, the wrestling community watches with bated breath, eager to see how this chapter between two of its most formidable women unfolds.

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