Bryan Danielson: No Need for AEW to Match WWE Size


Bryan Danielson: No Need for AEW to Match WWE Size
Bryan Danielson: No Need for AEW to Match WWE Size © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

In the high-impact universe of professional wrestling, few have carved out a legacy as impressive as Bryan Danielson. With decades of grueling matches under his belt, Danielson recently discussed the challenges and evolutions of his training regimen in an illuminating chat with GQ.

Over the years, as the stakes have risen and the matches have become more intense, so too have the injuries and physical setbacks. Danielson recalls a recent shoulder injury, saying, "Following a labrum tear on my right shoulder, the emphasis had to shift from regular exercises to rehab.

I remember the days before the MJF Iron Man match when I could easily breeze through a sequence of 100 push-ups. Post-match, I couldn’t manage even one." He reflects on past tendencies, admitting to sometimes pushing himself beyond comfort.

However, with time, Danielson's focus has evolved towards listening to his body, underlining the importance of a gradual approach to recovery. "It's about starting small. Achieving five painless push-ups, then ten, then twenty.

It's all about understanding what your body needs and responding accordingly," he notes.

AEW vs. WWE: Size Differences Noted

In the highly competitive wrestling industry where size often matters, Danielson observed a unique difference in the roster compositions between WWE and AEW.

In his words, "The need to bulk up is much less pronounced in AEW. Unlike the WWE, which boasts a line-up of giants, AEW has a diverse roster, many of whom aren't physically massive." This shift in culture has been a blessing for Danielson.

"For years in WWE, I was on a relentless quest to bulk up, which was taxing on someone who isn’t naturally large. While I still incorporate weightlifting into my routine, I now do so with a more measured approach—cycling through periods of intense training and then easing off, and integrating practices like yoga." This smarter, more holistic approach to training seems to be serving Danielson well, especially as he delicately balances the demands of professional wrestling with aging.

Currently, Danielson is recuperating from a broken arm, the result of a recent encounter with Kazuchika Okada at the Forbidden Door event in June. The wrestling community eagerly awaits his return, keen to witness his next chapter unfold.

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