Shane Helms Hails Celebrity Matches as Producer Milestone


Shane Helms Hails Celebrity Matches as Producer Milestone
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Over the last few years, the WWE Universe has seen an influx of celebrities trading the spotlight for the squared circle, with names like Logan Paul, Bad Bunny, and Johnny Knoxville making notable appearances. Shane Helms, a respected name within WWE's backstage team, recently pulled back the curtain on his experiences working on these star-studded matches during his appearance on the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast.

Recollecting the exhilarating energy of WrestleMania 38, Helms gleefully shared, "The highlight for me? Definitely the Johnny Knoxville bout. It was sheer fun. My role often sees me orchestrating many of the creative and unconventional match-ups.

Anticipating the polarized reception, I consciously decided to focus on delivering for the segment of fans I believed would truly appreciate the spectacle."

Gorilla Unforgettable Energy

Shane Helms, giving an insider perspective, added, "The infectious laughter and energy at Gorilla that day? Absolutely unforgettable.

The reactions were some of the loudest I've ever witnessed." WWE's former Cruiserweight Champion transitioned to the role of a backstage producer in 2019. His journey wasn't without its bumps; he briefly departed from WWE during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet, WrestleMania 38 proved to be a landmark event for him. He recounted, "That weekend was a whirlwind! I was spearheading the Logan-Miz vs. Mysterios clash one day, and the very next, I was in the thick of the Knoxville-Sami showdown.

It felt like my definitive moment, a validation that I could be entrusted with any challenge thrown my way." Since the moment Logan Paul stepped into the WWE realm, Helms has been an instrumental figure in his wrestling journey.

He lavished praise on the 28-year-old social media mogul, emphasizing how Logan's dedication and commitment to the sport have genuinely impressed him ever since they began collaborating in WWE. In conclusion, as the line between entertainment and wrestling continues to blur, figures like Shane Helms are pivotal in ensuring that these celebrity bouts not only entertain but also maintain the integrity and spirit of professional wrestling.

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