Bully Ray Recalls Heartwarming Terry Funk Tale

Wrestling's Personal Bonds: Bully Ray's Heartwarming Terry Funk Memory.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray Recalls Heartwarming Terry Funk Tale
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A cloud of sadness has settled over the wrestling world recently as both fans and fellow talents grieve the losses of iconic figures - WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk and former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. Amidst these poignant times, Bully Ray, a respected figure in the wrestling community, has shared a touching recollection that underscores the camaraderie he shared with the late Terry Funk, a man he considered not just a colleague but a dear friend.

Speaking on the renowned platform "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray took a reflective journey back to the September 1997 WrestleFest event, an occasion that bore the title "50 Years of Funk" in honor of Terry Funk's illustrious career, which he had announced his retirement from following the event.

This retrospective gala showcased both Funk and Bully Ray engaged in gripping No Disqualification matches that night, Funk squaring off against the esteemed Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Bully Ray grappling against the tenacious Balls Mahoney.

Yet, it was the post-event interactions that held a truly precious memory for Bully Ray.

Terry Funk Unexpected Generosity

In a heartfelt recollection, Bully Ray recounted the extraordinary encounter he had with Terry Funk after the show had concluded.

Bully Ray was taken aback when Funk, a seasoned veteran of retirements, approached him and personally handed over his payment for the night's wrestling spectacle. Reflecting on that moment, Bully Ray expressed his astonishment at being compensated for his participation in such a significant event.

Holding up the very check that Funk had passed to him in the locker room of Amarillo, Texas, Bully Ray nostalgically shared, "He thanked me for wrestling on the show, and he thanked me for being there. I think that's the first time I heard Terry Funk call me 'friend.'

" Examining the check with discerning eyes, Bully Ray couldn't help but admire Funk's impeccable penmanship as he mused on the thoughtful gesture. The amount inscribed on the check greatly exceeded Bully Ray's expectations.

A sum of $400, payable from the account of Terry and Vicki Funk, was an unexpectedly generous compensation. As Bully Ray humorously recounted, "The pay was $400, which is considerably more than young boy Bubba Ray Dudley expected that night because I expected zero." The anecdote came full circle two decades later when Bully Ray confessed to Funk that he had never actually cashed the check.

In a lighthearted response, Funk quipped, "You son of a b****. That's how come I can't balance my checkbook." In this tale of mutual respect and fond camaraderie, Bully Ray not only commemorates an endearing memory with Terry Funk but also highlights the profound impact that such seemingly small interactions can have in shaping the wrestling fraternity into a closely-knit family.

As the wrestling community grapples with the loss of these two wrestling luminaries, Bully Ray's heartfelt recollection serves as a reminder of the enduring connections that weave through the tapestry of this unique and passionate world.

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