Alexa Bliss remembers her battle with anorexia

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Alexa Bliss remembers her battle with anorexia

When she was younger, Alexa Bliss had to fight with anorexia for a few years. During a recent interview in the Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast, the two-time SmackDown Live Women's Champion recalled that terrible moment of her life.

“It has been incredible. Actually, there was a situation at a recent Comic-Con where this little girl came up to me and I felt like it has given people the comfort to speak out. I feel like–I know I talk about it all of the time.

Body issues, online bullying, it is a thing. People go through it. I am sure that people are sick of talking about it at this point but I am going to keep talking about it," Alexa confessed. Bliss provided some advice to others: “There was this girl that came up to me where I was doing this signing and this girl comes up and she says whether or not she has any advice for her because she is having trouble eating.

She said that I am dealing with anorexia, and I gave her some advice about I know it is hard and tough but you have to eat. You have to, which is really the worst thing you can tell someone with an eating disorder which is to eat, but I said that I know it is scary but if you take that first step it gets easier and you have to treat your body as a temple because you only have one of them.

"You need to help yourself. Nobody is going to be able to help you until you want to help yourself, and then the girl walks away and my best friend, Erin comes up to me and tells me that she really needs to go talk to her.

I said to her to go talk to her and then Erin chases her down and she tells the little girl that she was best friends with Alexa [Bliss] when she was going through what she was going through and they exchanged Instagrams and told her that if you ever need any motivation or inspiration or anyone to talk to I am here to listen.

"That is what is so great about Erin as well where she can be that voice as well that I can’t be in that moment. I feel like she can give another perspective because it doesn’t just affect one person it affects a lot of people”.