Arn Anderson on Brock's Performance and Facing Fans

Arn Anderson delves into wrestling dynamics and family ties.

by Noman Rasool
Arn Anderson on Brock's Performance and Facing Fans
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Veteran wrestler and industry icon Arn Anderson recently sat down to discuss his son, Brock Anderson's clash with the towering figure of Luchasaurus. Anderson commented on Brock's readiness to face a much more experienced and physically dominating opponent, "Luchasaurus is undeniably a powerhouse.

Yet, Brock, despite being a newcomer with merely 40 or so matches under his belt, displayed a drive that I found admirable. There was never a hint of hesitation or self-doubt in his eyes, even when he was overmatched." Anderson believes Brock's tenacity and desire to cement his place within the company are palpable.

"His commitment is unwavering. The youth wants to compete, be it main events or dark matches in front of live crowds." The wrestling legend credits Brock's intuitive understanding of the industry to the environment he grew up in.

"Sharing dinner tables with figures like Ric Flair, Dusty, and myself has given Brock insights that others might take years to grasp. We never shied away from discussing the wrestling world during meals, and that's perhaps why he understands and respects the business so deeply," Arn reflected.

Arn on Live Audience Adrenaline

Switching gears, Arn was asked about his experiences and whether the adrenaline rush of appearing in front of live audiences still affected him. With a grin, he said, "No, not nervousness. But the thrill? Absolutely.

Every time I step out and receive an unexpected roar from the crowd, it's indescribable. The goal has always been to entertain our audience, and when I exit to the same loud cheers as my entrance, I know I've done my job." Arn highlighted the strategy behind booking six-man tag team matches as main events.

"It's all about freshness and the lineup. Watching a six-man match loses its charm if you've seen a couple already during the same show. The challenge for our talent is to stay original, ensuring their moves and sequences stand out.

We have some top-notch trios in the business, and I always advise them to stay innovative. Monitor other matches, absorb what's been done, and then make your stint memorable," Anderson concluded, emphasizing the importance of innovation and distinction in the wrestling world.

Arn Anderson