WWE Star Lacks Charisma, Says Konnan


WWE Star Lacks Charisma, Says Konnan
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Amidst a noteworthy ascent in her WWE career, IYO SKY, the reigning WWE Women's Champion, finds herself in the spotlight. However, not all are singing her praises. While she is currently enjoying the pinnacle of success with her championship reign, some critics remain.

A primary voice in this chorus of dissent is Konnan of Damage CTRL fame, who appears less than impressed with the non-wrestling facets of SKY's repertoire. Speaking on the "Keepin' It 100" podcast, Konnan was candid about his sentiments.

"She has no charisma. I was briefly intrigued when she exercised her Money In The Bank privilege," Konnan remarked. "Yet, it’s intriguing to witness her dynamics with Bayley. Their one-upmanship was something to behold, but as a character, SKY hasn’t captured my interest." There have been rumblings about a rift between Bayley and SKY, especially during SKY's tenure as the Money In The Bank briefcase holder.

However, the turbulence seems to have subsided for now. With Dakota Kai rejoining their ranks, the trio appears to be forging a united front.

Inferno Echoes Konnan's Critique

Konnan wasn't the lone critic on the podcast. Disco Inferno, his co-host, chimed in with similar reservations about SKY.

While acknowledging that WWE's narrative arcs for SKY have been limited, he felt that the Women's Champion has yet to resonate fully. "For me, she hasn't been a captivating presence on the show," admitted Inferno. However, it's worth noting that these critiques aren't universally shared.

Despite the reservations voiced by Konnan and Inferno, SKY has successfully captivated a significant portion of the WWE fan base. This rising star's magnetism isn't lost on everyone. Veteran WWE personality Road Dogg is among those who have lauded SKY, especially emphasizing the allure of her entrances.

In the turbulent and ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, one thing is certain: while critics will always have their say, it's the ring that ultimately decides a superstar's fate.