Kevin Sullivan Predicts WrestleMania 41 Location


Kevin Sullivan Predicts WrestleMania 41 Location
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On the latest installment of "Tuesday With The Taskmaster," wrestling icon Kevin Sullivan offered a daring forecast concerning the location of WWE WrestleMania 41, particularly in light of AEW's monumental success at their All In London event.

Risking a big prediction, Sullivan boldly stated, "I genuinely believe that WrestleMania 41 will find its home at Wembley Stadium. It's perplexing to see WWE sitting back and allowing AEW to gain such traction in the UK. Perhaps an AEW event this coming April might be a game-changer."

Kevin Sullivan Praises AEW's Match Lineup

Delving into specifics, Sullivan didn't hold back his admiration for AEW's recent card.

"In all my years in this industry, I believe that was one of the most well-constructed cards they've put together," he expressed. His keen interest, however, was not so much piqued by the pre-show, which he felt was predictable.

Instead, he directed his applause towards the strategic decision of having Samoa Joe and Punk kick off the event. "What a spectacular way to electrify the audience!" Sullivan exclaimed. "Pairing up two of the industry’s giants in such a fierce match right off the bat certainly set the night on fire." Furthermore, he couldn't help but laud the twist in MJF's match.

"The climax was masterful," Sullivan commented. "Just when everyone was bracing themselves for a predictable turn, they flipped the script. And MJF, adopting this devil persona — it's all in the meticulous details. That fleeting moment when he wore the ring, it felt like the arena collectively held its breath, only to be swerved again." Yet, one storyline, in particular, stood out above all in Sullivan's eyes: The Bloodline.

"It transcends even the brilliance of the NWO saga," he opined. "If they navigate this narrative as delicately as The Bloodline has, steering clear from the predictable path of introducing family ties, they could crescendo to an electrifying rematch next August, sure to captivate audiences."

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