Kurt Angle Wanted to Wrestle John Cena During Last Match


Kurt Angle Wanted to Wrestle John Cena During Last Match
Kurt Angle Wanted to Wrestle John Cena During Last Match © Andrew Ravens/wrestlingheadlines

Kurt Angle is without a doubt one of WWE’s most successful wrestlers of all time. Despite being plagued with injuries, Kurt Angle performed very well in the ring. He was also one of the best ring technicians that has ever wrestlers inside a WWE ring.

Kurt Angle Speaks About Why He Couldn't Wrestle John Cena

Being an real Olympic Wrestler, Kurt Angle could execute complex wrestling moves with ease. He was also known for his resilience and toughness. Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer, and he retired a few years ago.

He does not want to make a professional wrestling return, according to what he said during various interviews. His last match was against Baron Corbin. He spoke about the match with Chris Van Vliet. According to Kurt, he retired as he was ‘looked old’ in the ring.

"I was doing a program with Baron Corbin when I decided I was going to retire," Angle stated. "The reason why I decided to retire is because I wasn't me anymore. I was a half a step behind. I looked like I was old. When I was wrestling, I didn't like what I saw.

And Vince wanted me to keep wrestling." Kurt then revealed he wished to wrestle John Cena, and spoke about the conversation that he had with Vince about it. Kurt Angle was John Cena’s first opponent nearly 2 decades ago.

John impressed everyone with his performance against Kurt Angle that night, as he nearly beat Kurt Angle. John Cena did not even have most of his moves that he performed during his later years when he faced Kurt Angle. "I asked Vince, 'Hey, can I have John Cena? 'Because I started his career.

I think it'd be proper if he ended my career.' And Vince said, 'No, you have Baron Corbin. You've been doing a program with him for six months. You have to continue. But if you want Cena, you can have it next year.' And I said, 'Well, I'm going to go this WrestleMania.'

And he said, 'Well, then you're going to wrestle Baron Corbin. Are you okay with that?' I said, 'Yeah, that's fine.' So I wasn't able to get Cena, but he gave me the option." Kurt Angle left the WWE and had a 10 year run with TNA, while also dealing with a pain killer addiction. He returned in 2017 to be placed into the WWE Hall of Fame. Kurt Angle retired before his WWE contract expired.

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