WWE: Xavier Woods Injury Update - 'Week-To-Week'


WWE: Xavier Woods Injury Update - 'Week-To-Week'
WWE: Xavier Woods Injury Update - 'Week-To-Week' © WWE/YouTube

In a recent and unfortunate turn of events during WWE Raw, Xavier Woods of The New Day found himself at the receiving end of a severe injury. The wrestling world is no stranger to such occurrences, but the circumstances surrounding this specific event have led to significant buzz in the wrestling community.

The episode in question saw The New Day in a fierce battle against The Viking Raiders. During the match, a third party, Drew McIntyre, was present ringside with Matt Riddle. In a moment of heated exchange, McIntyre threw a chair intending to hit Erik of the Viking Raiders.

However, the trajectory was misaligned, and the chair mistakenly struck Woods. This incident did not go unnoticed, and soon, WWE took to social media to offer a statement regarding the unfortunate event.

WWE Confirms Xavier Woods Injury

The official statement from WWE read, "Xavier Woods sustained a cervical strain due to the impact from the chair thrown by Drew McIntyre.

He is evaluated on a week-to-week basis and will be absent from the forthcoming Monday Night Raw." Woods didn't remain silent either. Taking to his social media account a day after the episode of Raw aired, he provided fans with an update.

He remarked, "Moments before the unforeseen injury, I was struck by a chair, causing significant whiplash. Adhering to medical advice, I won't be wrestling next week. I eagerly looked forward to showcasing my skills on my birthday, but it appears I'll be celebrating at home this coming Monday.

Here's hoping to see all of you the subsequent week." The wrestling community is now rife with speculation. Questions are being raised about the authenticity of Woods' injury – is it a scripted plotline (kayfabe) or a genuine injury? Such mysteries are part and parcel of the wrestling universe.

Meanwhile, fans can anticipate a thrilling match as Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle are scheduled to confront The Viking Raiders in the Raw episode following Payback. The upcoming events promise drama, action, and a lot of adrenaline, but for now, we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Xavier Woods.

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