LA Knight: Miz's Biggest Reaction Was Impersonating Me

Knight's recent interview reveals tension ahead of Payback match.

by Noman Rasool
LA Knight: Miz's Biggest Reaction Was Impersonating Me
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WWE's rising sensation, LA Knight, recently sat down with Claibs Online in an exclusive interview. While primarily focusing on promoting his much-anticipated match against The Miz at the upcoming Payback premium live event, Knight did not shy away from throwing some verbal jabs at his opponent.

During the conversation, LA Knight humorously noted, "You'd think the pinnacle of Miz's career was when he decided to impersonate me on Raw the other day. It might've been the loudest reaction he's ever gotten." This remark comes after Michael Cole's comments on SmackDown a few weeks prior, wherein he alluded to The Miz being envious of Knight's rapid ascent in the WWE universe.

Knight Highlights Miz's Apparent Envy

Knight recalled his appearance on Raw just days after his triumphant victory in the Slim Jim Battle Royale. "Here I am, basking in the win, taking part in promotional shoots and activities, and there's Miz, clearly rattled by my presence," said Knight.

He continued with a smirk, "I mean, Miz dressing up as me? Can it be more apparent? The man's green with envy. He yearns for the kind of success, the adoration, and the sheer fan engagement I've experienced in such a short span.

The overwhelming chants, the quotes; he craves all of it. Instead, what he got was a momentary cheer, impersonating me." Knight then touched upon The Miz's recent act of dressing up, which, according to him, showed a stark contrast between their positions in WWE.

"He tried to ridicule me for 'cosplay,' and then, ironically, he does the same thing. He chose to impersonate three superstars, all operating on an entirely different echelon than him." In a closing note, Knight stated, "What Miz essentially did was elevate me and the other two superstars to a certain pedestal while inadvertently placing himself a rung lower.

This Saturday, at Payback, I intend to prove just that." Fans worldwide eagerly await this weekend's face-off between the two stars, where sparks are guaranteed to fly.

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