Aussie Open WWE Contract Talks Detailed

Navigating the complex web of wrestling contracts and loyalties.

by Atia Mukhtar
Aussie Open WWE Contract Talks Detailed
© Denise Salcedo/YouTube

Before making a name for themselves in NJPW, the tag team duo of Aussie Open, comprising Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher, already had an illustrious reputation in the United Kingdom's independent wrestling circuit. Their significant impact in the UK did not go unnoticed, especially by the biggest wrestling promotion in the world - WWE.

Recalling the moment, Fletcher detailed their interaction with WWE during an interview with "Talk Is Jericho." He said, "Back in 2019, right when we were prepping for the World Tag League matches, WWE approached us. They offered us a spot in 'NXT UK,' which was rapidly gaining traction at the time." Fletcher added, "But we were deeply committed to our aspirations with New Japan, so we requested if we could pick up the conversation after our stint there.

The response was an understanding 'maybe later.' But soon after, with Davis' unfortunate injury and the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, our priorities shifted."

Aussie Open's Wrestling Crossroads

The timeline Fletcher narrated gives an interesting perspective on the twists and turns of a pro wrestler's career.

While they were keen on joining NJPW's roster, WWE's lucrative offer was tempting. However, their commitment to NJPW was steadfast, so much so that they declined WWE's initial offer. However, fate had other plans, and a full-fledged NJPW contract eluded them.

Fletcher hinted that the financial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic might have played a role in this. The ever-resilient Aussie Open, however, found another promising path. They landed contracts with AEW, which offered them the flexibility to continue their appearances in NJPW while also working with AEW and ROH.

This proved to be a beneficial decision for both the duo and the promotions. Since officially signing with AEW and ROH in May, the team's trajectory has only gone upwards, with them even capturing the ROH Tag Team Championship.

This journey not only highlights the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling but also the dedication and adaptability of talents like Aussie Open, who have proven their worth on multiple global platforms.