Freddie Prinze Jr. Forecasts Will Ospreay 2024 Wrestling Move: WWE or AEW?

Ospreay's recent moves spark industry-wide speculation.

by Atia Mukhtar
Freddie Prinze Jr. Forecasts Will Ospreay 2024 Wrestling Move: WWE or AEW?
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Following Will Ospreay's stellar performance at "All In" where he achieved a significant win over wrestling legend Chris Jericho, speculations are rife about Ospreay's next professional move. This speculation was fueled further when Ospreay confirmed that his contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) will conclude in early 2024.

Freddie Prinze Jr., in his latest episode of "Wrestling With Freddie," weighed in on this matter. He confidently proclaimed, "This dude will never sign with WWE. I'm 100% certain he's headed to AEW, and they're poised to dominate next year with him on their side." While Prinze’s opinion is noteworthy, he's not alone in this sentiment.

Veteran commentator Jim Ross has also recently expressed a similar inclination, seeing Ospreay as an invaluable addition to AEW’s already star-studded roster. The English wrestler has not been tight-lipped about his career trajectory either.

In the past, Ospreay has openly stated that he's receptive to various offers and acknowledged previous interest from WWE.

Will Ospreay's AEW Affiliation Hinted?

However, his recent appearances, notably at "All In" for AEW, might be suggestive of his future affiliation.

Another point in the speculation mill is Ospreay’s desire for creative autonomy, which could tilt the balance in AEW's favor, given the promotion's reputation for granting wrestlers a greater degree of creative input.

The spectacular show Ospreay showcased in London certainly left a mark on Prinze, a former WWE writer. He lauded the match, echoing the sentiments of countless fans who were left in awe by the encounter. "Ospreay's agility is unparalleled.

His maneuvers off the top turnbuckle and those mid-air twists against Jericho were nothing short of spectacular," Prinze raved. He went on to commend Jericho’s sportsmanship, highlighting, "Jericho understands the essence of wrestling and the business side of AEW.

He's not just a performer; he's an influencer. It's evident in the way he ensures every wrestler shines, and he certainly realized that Ospreay is a goldmine, giving him a monumental push." This confluence of opinions suggests that the wrestling world is eagerly awaiting Ospreay’s decision, with all eyes on 2024. Only time will reveal where this prodigious talent will land next.

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