Grayson Waller's tweet about WWE Payback hints at AEW releasing CM Punk

CM Punk's AEW departure sends ripples through wrestling community

by Noman Rasool
Grayson Waller's tweet about WWE Payback hints at AEW releasing CM Punk
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In a conspicuous turn of events, Grayson Waller's recent tweet appears to echo the news that has dominated discussions over the weekend – the unexpected departure of CM Punk from AEW. The backdrop to this is Waller's airing of grievances concerning his WWE Payback segment, a moment that took center stage last night.

Serving as the host of "The Grayson Waller Effect," he welcomed none other than Cody Rhodes as the esteemed guest for the Payback event. Rather than dwelling on Rhodes' own trajectory, the focus shifted to a surprising announcement that Jey Uso had made his transition to the "Raw" roster.

As Uso made his grand entrance, the spotlight gradually dimmed, leaving only Waller and Uso in the ring. Waller took this opportunity to slyly remark on Uso's relatively brief absence following his "departure" from SmackDown just a few weeks prior.

However, the tables turned as a sudden superkick left Waller reeling, unexpectedly. In a gesture laden with symbolism, Waller's subsequent action spoke volumes. In a display that hearkened back to CM Punk's legacy, Waller, who hails from Australia, took out a Pepsi can to coolly apply to his face.

This singular move seemed to encapsulate the narrative that led to Punk's sudden exit from AEW.

Parallel Actions: Uso's Attack and Punk's Exit

Intriguingly, Waller's proclamation resonated, as he exclaimed, "Jey Uso attacking me unprovoked on my own show — fire this man!" A parallel could be drawn to Punk's own departure, which was propelled by an altercation with Jack Perry at the recent AEW: All In event.

An internal investigation into the matter ensued, and after extensive consultations with external legal advisors, Tony Khan took the decisive step to terminate Punk's contract with cause. The Pepsi can, an emblematic choice, holds significance for wrestling aficionados who recognize it as the preferred beverage of the "Straight Edge Superstar" himself, a sentiment further underscored by the logo inked on his arm.

In sum, Grayson Waller's tweet reverberates with layered meanings, subtly pointing to CM Punk's departure from AEW through carefully chosen symbols and coded allusions. This poignant connection underscores the intricate web of storytelling that intertwines the world of professional wrestling, giving fans yet another layer to unravel as they delve into the evolving narratives that shape this dynamic realm.

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