Mustafa Ali Knew About Lesnar Winning MITB Match

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Mustafa Ali Knew About Lesnar Winning MITB Match

According to a report, Mustafa Ali knew that Brock Lesnar would win the men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match. Ali was one of the participants of the men’s MITB match. This report comes to us by Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Radio.

Lesnar was kept hidden so that nobody knew about him entering. The officials thought that Ali would be the one who would win the match. Earlier, it was reported that Drew McIntyre was selected to win. All the other MITB match participants were told that Ali would not win the match.

They were told that an unannounced wrestler would be the one who would knock Ali off the ladder. The wrestler would then climb the ladder and take the briefcase. According to Meltzer, Ali was told about Lesnar appearing and winning just before the match started.

Orton was looking visibly annoyed after he saw Lesnar win the briefcase. Lesnar will appear at this week’s RAW according to the schedule. He will most likely announce his plans for cashing in his briefcase. According to reports, Brock Lesnar will be cashing-in his briefcase at the WWE Super ShowDown event and wrestle Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Title.

The event will be held at Jeddah on the 7th of June. The WWE wanted Lesnar and Rollins to fight in a rematch even before the WrestleMania 35 event.