Tony Khan announces another AEW star's exit


Tony Khan announces another AEW star's exit
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A tumultuous week has cast a shadow over Tony Khan's celebratory mood following the back-to-back triumphs of All In and All Out weekends. Unforeseen complications marred the build-up to the Wembley Stadium extravaganza, leaving fans and pundits stunned.

The saga commenced with an unsettling backstage altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry, sending shockwaves throughout the AEW universe. In a surprising twist, AEW took swift action, relieving Punk of his duties after an extensive investigation into the unfolding events.

Whispers of Punk's involvement in a separate incident with Tony Khan himself only added to the intrigue, leaving fans curious and craving answers. Khan, however, refrained from divulging further details, stating that he had felt threatened during the event without expounding on the circumstances.

As speculation swirled around the fate of CM Punk, another notable member of the AEW roster disappeared from the official company website, sparking rampant speculation regarding their future. Addressing concerns at the post-All Out press conference, Tony Khan confirmed that Sonny Kiss had not been extended a new contract offer.

Khan's Perspective on Sonny Kiss

Displaying his penchant for thoughtful management, Khan acknowledged Kiss's talents and potential. With a roster of over 100 wrestlers and finite TV spots, he emphasized the challenges of accommodating everyone consistently.

Khan spoke fondly of Kiss, highlighting the daunting task of renewing every contract and the evolving landscape since the inception of AEW. While the decision not to renew Kiss's contract was not a reflection of their skills or contributions, Khan expressed optimism for a possible comeback in the future.

Kiss's last appearance within the AEW ring dates back to March 2023, partnering with Jeeves Kay in a tag match against the Iron Savages, ending in a loss. While Kiss has since participated in Ring of Honor events, victories have proven elusive.

The latest outing saw Kiss join forces with Kay and Slim J in a losing effort against Dalton Castle and The Boys in July 2023. AEW's growth has led to challenges in accommodating all talents, exemplified by the shelving of Dark and Elevation programs.

Khan's words echo a sentiment of hope and potential resurgence for not just Kiss but other former talents who may find a path back to the company's fold. As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve, AEW remains committed to nurturing talent and delivering captivating narratives that capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

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