Reason For the WWE Introducing the 24/7 Title

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Reason For the WWE Introducing the 24/7 Title

As noted, the WWE has announced a new title called the WWE 24/7 title. The title is apparently for the USA network according to a report made by the Wrestling Observer Radio. USA Network is not happy with the drop in RAW ratings.

Ratings drop significantly in the third hour of the show. The network wants Vince McMahon to somehow fix the problem with the third hour of the show which is the 10-11 pm hour of the show. Over the years, this part of the show always had the highest ratings, but that is no longer the case.

The third hour is so bad these days that most WWE officials realized that they had to do something to fix the issue before it gets really, really bad. The WWE has been trying to fix the ratings, but making top WWE Superstars from Smackdown appears on RAW to somehow garner the interest of fans.

This is also to make sure that Smackdown does not become a secondary show, as the WWE will be moving the show to Fox in October. It has been reported that many USA Network officials are sending WWE plenty of ideas to fix the problem.

A source revealed that most of the ideas were not good but Vince McMahon had to take one of the ideas. He decided to take the 24/7 Title idea and introduce it.