Bayley comments on her legacy following Bray Wyatt's tribute

SmackDown's recent episode sparks deep reflection for Bayley

by Noman Rasool
Bayley comments on her legacy following Bray Wyatt's tribute
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In a recent heartfelt conversation post the poignant August 25th episode of SmackDown, former Women’s Champion Bayley opened up about her wrestling legacy, vision for the future, and her perspectives on life's fleeting nature.

The episode, which paid tribute to iconic wrestling figures Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk, seemed to be a catalyst for such profound reflections. During an exclusive interview with The Comeback, Bayley, now at the helm of Damage CTRL, shared her introspections.

“In the wake of the Bray Wyatt tribute, it became more pressing for me to determine the kind of lasting impact I wish to imprint on this industry," she said. "With the chaotic schedules, travel, and inevitable wear and tear of our profession, one can sometimes lose sight of the broader canvas we're painting on.

My focus now is sharpening the image of that bigger picture." Going further, she expressed a burning desire to showcase her talent at a major event. “I realized that it's been a considerable time since I’ve been in a singles match on a pay-per-view.

One of my aspirations is to command the ring in a singles match at WrestleMania, among several other goals I have set for myself."

Bayley's Triumph with Damage CTRL

In 2022, post her recovery from an injury, Bayley has been closely associated with rising stars Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, all under the Damage CTRL umbrella.

This new association has already tasted success with SKY securing the Money in the Bank briefcase and then triumphing over Bianca Belair to clinch the Women’s Champion title. Bayley elaborated on her vision for Damage CTRL, "While crafting my legacy is important, lifting up Kai and SKY holds equal weight for me.

I envision IYO having an unprecedented title run, and Dakota rightfully staking her claim to a title shot." She concluded with a hopeful thought, "How about the three of us, best friends, clashing in a Triple Threat at WrestleMania for the ultimate title? Let’s set that ambition into the universe.

My overarching mission remains to fortify a memorable legacy, continually inspire our fans, and nurture the bonds I’ve forged since the outset of my journey. Let’s witness our collective growth, day by day”.

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