Teddy Long Talks Knowing Bray Wyatt Since Infancy.

Bray Wyatt's sudden passing leaves the wrestling world heartbroken

by Noman Rasool
Teddy Long Talks Knowing Bray Wyatt Since Infancy.
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The wrestling world was shaken with the unexpected demise of Windham Rotunda, widely recognized by his WWE moniker, "Bray Wyatt," announced on August 24. One of the prominent figures to share his heartfelt memories of Rotunda was WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long, during an intimate conversation on Sportskeeda's renowned "Wrestling Time Machine" show.

Teddy Long's connection with Bray Wyatt dates back to Wyatt's early years. "I had the privilege of knowing him since he was a baby," Long reminisced. Reflecting upon those golden days, Long shared nostalgic memories of traveling with Windham's father, Mike Rotunda.

"Mike and I had several opportunities to ride together. Every time we had matches in Florida, Bray was almost always there. Living in Florida, it became customary for Mike to bring young Bray to the arena," Long stated. Adding an endearing anecdote to the mix, Long continued, "Mike would ensure Bray had a seat at the arena, but what was unforgettable was the presence of their imposing Rottweiler dog.

This formidable pet sat staunchly beside Bray, acting as a steadfast guardian. Approaching Bray was out of the question; that dog would ensure you couldn't get anywhere near him. It's one of my vivid memories of Bray as a child."

Bray's Nod to Long's Catchphrase

In a lighter vein, Long recounted a memorable episode from WWE's televised shows where Rotunda playfully incorporated Long's signature catchphrase, "Let me holla at you, playa," during a promo.

"I had the pleasure to discuss that delightful moment with him during my last visit to a 'WWE Raw' episode. It was a testament to Bray's sense of humor and his deep respect for the wrestling fraternity." Concluding his tribute, Teddy Long expressed the collective sentiment of millions of fans and wrestling professionals, saying, "The world lost a shining star in Windham Rotunda far too early.

His legacy and memories will remain etched in our hearts forever." This tribute stands as a testament to the lasting impact that Bray Wyatt, born Windham Rotunda, has left on the world of professional wrestling. His memory will undoubtedly live on through the stories shared by legends like Teddy Long and fans worldwide.

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