Bray Wyatt Apologies to Chris Jericho

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Bray Wyatt Apologies to Chris Jericho

Bray Wyatt has changed his gimmick and is now has a very colorful gimmick. He was previously a very dark and gloomy character. He was known as the Eater of Worlds and he was sort of like The Undertaker in that regard. Wyatt introduced the Wyatt Family, which was one of the most dominating factions in recent WWE history.

His new show ‘Firefly Fun House’ is a twisted children’s show. Since according to the storyline he has left the dark past behind him,, he is currently apologizing to all WWE stars for all the bad things he did to them in the past.

This week, he apologized to Chris Jericho. Jericho is currently an All Elite Wrestling superstar and he will be fighting Kenny Omega at AEW’s Double of Nothing pay-per-view event. Wyatt apologized to Jericho for all the strife that he made Jericho and his family go through.

He also thanked Jericho for their match at NXT in 2013. Wyatt stated that his match at NXT was the one that put him in the limelight. His first message read: “I want to apologize formally to @IAmJericho for the strife I once put him and his family through.

And thank him for the memories [Description: 🐍] . Lest we forget that it was a match between him and my old body that put NXT in the limelight! Yowie Wowie!!

What do ya say maaaan?
Friends forever?”