Insider Scoop: WWE's Perception of Zoey Stark


Insider Scoop: WWE's Perception of Zoey Stark
Insider Scoop: WWE's Perception of Zoey Stark © WWE/YouTube

In a riveting twist during Saturday's WWE Payback event, Zoey Stark shockingly distanced herself from WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. The drama unfolded as Stark intervened during Stratus' intense Steel Cage face-off with Becky Lynch.

Even with Stark's interference, Lynch managed to secure the victory. The match's aftermath was equally tense; Stark was blatantly disrespected and slapped post-match, retaliating with a powerful Z360 to close the segment. Yet, the rollercoaster for Stark didn't end there.

On the subsequent Monday's RAW, Stark faced off against Shayna Baszler, a rematch from their encounter on August 7, which unfortunately saw Stark not clinching the victory. The industry has been buzzing about Stark's talents and potential since her signing in January 2021.

High-ranking WWE officials, notably Chief Content Officer Triple H and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels, have expressed their bullishness on Stark's future. An insider report from Fightful Select adds to the narrative, revealing that Stark's colleagues on the main roster have been particularly impressed with her performances since her promotion in this year's WWE Draft.

It's not just her in-ring prowess that's earning accolades. Many backstage have commended Stark for her professionalism and adept handling of the responsibilities that come with a main roster call-up.

Stark's Resilient Comeback

Interestingly, WWE management had marked Stark as one to watch early in her tenure.

After a seven-month hiatus, her commendable recovery from a knee injury in July 2022 only solidified her reputation as a dedicated and resilient athlete. Remarkably, she returned to the ring without missing a step, an achievement that did not go unnoticed.

After her injury comeback, Stark was prominently featured on WWE Main Event, drawing positive internal feedback. These successful outings paved her way to a memorable Royal Rumble debut earlier this year. Insider sources reveal that plans were already in motion post-Rumble to elevate Stark to the WWE main roster.

By March, NXT officials had received directives to conclude her storyline, signaling her ascension into the WWE echelons.

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