Inside Scoop: What's Next for Carlito in WWE?


Inside Scoop: What's Next for Carlito in WWE?
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Months have passed since the wrestling world buzzed about Carlito's WWE re-signing. The chatter grew significantly louder after his surprise appearance at the Backlash event earlier this year. During the San Juan Street Fight, Carlito sided with the LWO and Savio Vega to balance the scales against Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio, who previously intervened in the bout featuring Damian Priest and Bad Bunny.

By June, the grapevine was aflame with speculation. Carlito had suddenly withdrawn from his independent engagements. This move raised eyebrows and fueled the fire when Devon Nicholson revealed that Carlito had informed him of his decision to re-enter the WWE Universe.

Carlito's SmackDown Return Axed

WWE fans eagerly awaited July, anticipating Carlito's grand re-debut at the SmackDown show in Madison Square Garden. However, in a turn of events that left many puzzled, Carlito's segment was axed due to an extended Bloodline segment.

In their latest discussion, Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez delved deep into Carlito's status. "He signed at the start of July," asserted Meltzer. Alvarez pressed on, questioning the authenticity of Carlito's signing.

Meltzer, firm in his stance, responded, "He canceled all his independent gigs. So, he must have signed. He had a set date for his return. He was present. Yet, the WWE creative team appears uncertain about his role, and this uncertainty lingers." Alvarez, highlighting the time that has elapsed, commented, "It's September 5th now." Meltzer drew parallels with the experiences of other wrestlers, mentioning, "Just consider Harry Smith.

He was signed, remained with WWE for an extended period, and nothing substantial materialized." The anticipation continues to build. As Carlito's WWE future remains in mystery, fans are left wondering when and how the company will leverage his star power. Only time will reveal WWE's plans for the Puerto Rican superstar. For now, all eyes remain on the unfolding drama.

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