Dakota Kai Announces 2024 Return Due to Injury

Injury sidelines Kai, reshaping Damage CTRL's WWE journey.

by Noman Rasool
Dakota Kai Announces 2024 Return Due to Injury
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In a surprising revelation, Dakota Kai, the prominent member of the wrestling faction Damage CTRL, has announced an extended period on the sidelines due to her recent ACL injury. While she's been spotted on WWE programming post-injury, fans hoping for her swift return might need to recalibrate their expectations.

Kai recently delved into the details of her recovery on a Twitch Stream, setting the timeline for a potential comeback in 2024. "I do find it amusing that many are questioning the severity of my injury, pointing out that I can walk," Kai shared during her live stream.

"However, recovering from an ACL injury is no joke. At this moment, I haven't even mastered the art of running or jumping post-injury." She then added, with a touch of hopefulness in her voice, "I believe I'll be starting my running regimen this week."

Kai's ACL: Wrestling's Tough Recovery

It's crucial to note the unique challenges an ACL injury presents, especially for professional athletes like Dakota Kai.

As she aptly pointed out, "While someone with a desk job might already be back at work post-ACL injury, it's a different story for us in wrestling. Due to the physical demands of the sport and our reliance on leg strength and mobility, my return to the ring is projected for January 2024." In Kai's absence, other members of Damage CTRL have been keeping the momentum alive and thriving in the WWE universe.

Notably, IYO SKY has taken the wrestling world by storm. She strategically cashed in her Money In The Bank briefcase, securing a triumphant win for the women's title at the coveted SummerSlam event. Meanwhile, another team member, Bayley, has been caught in the whirlwind of speculations.

With whispers about potential jealousy stemming from Sky's meteoric rise to success, Bayley has silenced naysayers by showcasing unwavering loyalty and commitment to Damage CTRL's overarching success. As wrestling aficionados patiently await Dakota Kai's return, they can find solace in the fact that Damage CTRL continues to make waves and leave an indelible mark on WWE's dynamic landscape.

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