Shawn Spears Explains WWE and AEW Differences


Shawn Spears Explains WWE and AEW Differences
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The ongoing debate among wrestling enthusiasts, pitting AEW against WWE, continues to be a focal point on digital platforms. Having been an integral part of both promotions, Shawn Spears shared his unique perspective on the two giants of the wrestling world in a recent conversation with "Off Her Chops." "The nature of television remains consistent, whether it's AEW or WWE.

Both are mammoth enterprises, and the pace at which they operate is undeniably swift," began Spears. The age-old adage, 'The grass is greener on the other side', doesn't quite fit the bill when it comes to the wrestling business.

Spears emphasized, "For those seasoned in the industry, the primary objective is clear – to deliver a compelling TV show."

Spears: Wrestling Debate Fuels Growth

While fans of each brand often engage in spirited debates, holding up the distinctions between the two as an emblem of superiority, Spears embraces these variations.

"It's not about choosing sides. The core conversation revolves around wrestling, which essentially promotes the industry's growth," Spears explained. "Regardless of one's preference, the fact that wrestling is being discussed means it's thriving." Drawing a comparison, Spears shed light on WWE's seasoned approach to character development, attributing it to the brand's longstanding presence in the market.

However, he remained optimistic about AEW's trajectory. "WWE might have an edge given its storied history, but AEW is catching up," he commented. Spears, often dubbed the "Chairman", hailed AEW's strategic direction, highlighting the triumph of the recent 'All In' event as testimony to its burgeoning appeal.

To sum up his sentiments, Spears remarked, "Variety is the essence. From the outset, AEW projected itself as a fresh alternative in the wrestling cosmos. Whether you perceive it as a distinct brand or simply another wrestling platform, at its core, it's all about the sport and the spectacle." This thought-provoking insight from Shawn Spears underscores the necessity of a harmonious coexistence between AEW and WWE, emphasizing the collective growth of the wrestling industry.

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