Zoey Stark's WWE Backstage Perception


Zoey Stark's WWE Backstage Perception
Zoey Stark's WWE Backstage Perception © WWE/YouTube

In a relatively short span within the WWE, Zoey Stark has made an indomitable mark, swiftly ascending to WWE's main roster just this spring. Having spent only two years in WWE's developmental wing, her progression to the frontline of "Raw" signals that she's likely to remain a marquee name for the foreseeable future.

According to inside sources from Fightful Select, since her debut on the main roster, Stark's presence has been met with a chorus of appreciation, not just from the talents she's engaged with in the ring, but also from the influential figures backstage.

Stark's commendable finesse in managing her call-up duties is particularly noteworthy. Her on-screen partnerships have already seen her aligned with WWE veteran Trish Stratus and wrestling luminaries like Becky Lynch, the latter whom Stark impressively defeated in July.

Stark's Unstoppable Rise

For many insiders at WWE, Stark's rapid ascent isn't much of a shock. From the moment she inked her contract, the company's eyes were closely monitoring her. Overcoming significant challenges like a torn ACL and meniscus, which kept her sidelined for over eight months, Stark returned to the ring with the same vigor, drawing admiration from many quarters within WWE.

Her commendable performances in "Main Event" matches persuaded WWE decision-makers to feature her in the women's Royal Rumble in January, paving the way for her eventual main roster call-up. However, the narrative takes an interesting twist in Stark's WWE journey.

Once allies, Trish Stratus shockingly betrayed Stark post the former's defeat to Lynch at WWE Payback. This dramatic turn led to a fierce confrontation, with Stark retaliating and overpowering Stratus. Although the two didn't cross paths in the most recent episode of "Raw", Stark showcased her prowess in a tightly contested match against Shayna Bazler.

As the dynamics evolve, fans eagerly await what unfolds next in the saga between Stark and her erstwhile mentor, Stratus.

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