Road Dogg clarifies he's not the person to ask about CM Punk in WWE


Road Dogg clarifies he's not the person to ask about CM Punk in WWE
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WWE's notable figure, "Road Dogg" Brian James, despite his influential role in the front office and close ties to the Chief Creative Officer, Triple H, recently shed light on the swirling rumors regarding CM Punk's possible return to WWE.

Following buzz about Punk's departure from AEW, James candidly discussed the topic on his popular podcast, "Oh You Didn't Know?" "I genuinely feel I'm not the authority to comment on this matter," expressed James. "While I hold a significant position, hiring and firing decisions are beyond my purview.

I did allude previously to Punk's potential impact if he returned to WWE, but to set the record straight, those remarks were made some time ago. The current atmosphere doesn't seem conducive to even speculate about this, especially with events unfolding in real-time.

Only time will reveal the ultimate outcome." Interestingly, on the August 21 episode of his podcast, James had identified Punk as the sole AEW wrestler he'd be keen to welcome to WWE. This was not as long ago as he hinted in his recent discussions.

Khan's Backstage Concerns

Regarding the widely reported backstage clash between CM Punk and Jack Perry, and the ensuing reactions, James touched upon AEW President Tony Khan's reactions. Many insiders claimed Khan felt threatened during the altercation in London when Punk reportedly made an aggressive move toward him.

James opined that while some wrestling aficionados might view Khan's response as overblown, it's essential to recognize the situation's intensity. "I can resonate with Khan's sentiments," James articulated. "Public perception varies; an event that seems routine to one might be alarming to another.

Case in point, when chaos erupted, figures like Samoa Joe stepped in without hesitation. It's human nature – some are instinctively drawn to confront challenges head-on, while others might retreat." With the wrestling community abuzz and fans eager for inside scoops, James' comments have added another layer to the evolving CM Punk narrative.

As the story unfolds, wrestling enthusiasts and industry pundits will be watching closely, making this a key topic to follow on platforms like MSN and Google News.

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