Veteran AWA & WWF Wrestler, Adnan Al-Kaissie, Passes Away at 84

Behind the spotlight, Adnan's on-screen views were personal.

by Noman Rasool
Veteran AWA & WWF Wrestler, Adnan Al-Kaissie, Passes Away at 84
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Reports from PWInsider and various other media sources have confirmed the passing of Adnan bin Abdul Kareem Ahmed Alkaissy El Farthie, more famously recognized as General Adnan, Billy White Wolf, and Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie.

The wrestling legend passed away at the ripe age of 84. Wrestling peers and fans alike were swift to pay homage, notably Sgt. Slaughter, who reminisced about their in-ring collaborations, expressed his heartfelt tribute via a tweet this Wednesday.

Born in the historic city of Baghdad, Iraq, Adnan's early life was interwoven with intriguing connections. He was a high school classmate of the would-be Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. Before rising to wrestling fame, Adnan showcased his athletic prowess as a soccer player and earned accolades as an amateur wrestler.

This distinction eventually paved his way into what was then known as the World Wrestling Federation (later rebranded to WWE).

Adnan Al-Kaissie Candid Revelation

Most followers of the wrestling narrative will vividly recall Adnan for his pivotal role as Sgt.

Slaughter's manager during the controversial Iraqi sympathizer storyline in the early 1990s. In a candid 2019 conversation with Ken Resnick, Adnan confessed that his portrayal's sentiments mirrored his genuine perspectives on America, unapologetically terming them as "No bulls**t." The sporting legend's journey to the U.S.

was initially anchored in his athletic reputation from Iraq. Landing first in Houston, he soon migrated to Oklahoma. Here, Adnan dabbled in football and showcased his wrestling might for Oklahoma State University, coming remarkably close to an Olympic qualification.

Transitioning to the professional wrestling stage, he took on the character of Native American Billy White Wolf. Teaming up with Chief Jay Strongbow, the duo clinched the World Wide Wrestling Federation (the forerunner to WWF and WWE) Tag Team Championship in late 1976.

His subsequent wrestling chapter unfolded in Verne Gagne's American Wrestling Association, where he embraced the persona of Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey. While a championship eluded him in AWA, Kaissie remained dominant throughout the 1980s.

His vast contributions to the sport were fittingly recognized with an induction into the Thesz-Tragos Hall of Fame in 2021.