Tiffany Stratton Threatens Becky Lynch

Stratton confronts upcoming bout with unwavering assurance.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tiffany Stratton Threatens Becky Lynch
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WWE Universe is bracing itself for a colossal face-off as "The Man," Becky Lynch, prepares to take on WWE NXT Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton. The confrontation is slated for next week's NXT episode, promising a thrilling battle as Lynch sets her sights on the NXT Women's Championship—a title notably missing from her illustrious WWE career.

The fire for this high-octane bout was fueled after Stratton didn't shy away from openly criticizing Lynch in recent interviews and their in-person confrontation at WWE Payback. The hatred and rising tension make fans eager to see if Stratton can walk her talk inside the ring.

Tiffany Stratton Bold Stance

In a candid conversation with WWE's "The Bump," Stratton opened up about the upcoming match. While acknowledging the magnitude of the bout and Lynch's wrestling prowess, Stratton emanated confidence.

She stated, "My journey in WWE began just two years ago, but Becky is the one pursuing me. I'm heading into this fight brimming with confidence." Pressed further on why Lynch should perceive her as a threat, Stratton confidently proclaimed, "I am WWE's fastest-rising star currently.

My ring prowess is unparalleled. Simply put, Becky should be trembling at the thought of facing me." In last night's NXT, Stratton successfully defended her NXT Women's Championship against formidable opponent Kiana James.

However, the celebrations were short-lived as Lynch's imposing figure graced the screen. Lynch, with her trademark bravado, congratulated Stratton on her recent success but swiftly shifted the tone, laying out a challenge for the coveted NXT Women's Championship.

With a sparkle in her eyes, Lynch declared, "Tiffany, you might have dominated in Raw last week and at Payback, but it's high time 'The Man' visits NXT. You've stated there's no worthy opponent for you in NXT. Well, I've found one.

Me." Setting the stage for next Tuesday's main event, Becky Lynch concluded, "It's 'The Man' versus Tiffany Stratton. The prize? The NXT Women's Championship. Get ready." The entire WWE Universe awaits this showdown with bated breath.

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