Bully Ray Slams Overuse of Iconic Finisher

Wrestling Legends Raise Alarm Over Finisher's Diminished Significance.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray Slams Overuse of Iconic Finisher
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Professional wrestling has seen its fair share of iconic finishing moves, from the DDT to the Superkick. The Canadian Destroyer has stood out as one of the most dangerous and captivating maneuvers ever witnessed inside the squared circle.

However, to the disappointment of many fans and wrestling veterans, including Bully Ray, co-host of "Busted Open Radio," this once awe-inspiring finisher has transformed into a transitional move. Bully Ray, a respected voice in the wrestling community, didn't hold back when expressing his sentiments about the Canadian Destroyer's current status.

"In my opinion, the Canadian Destroyer was one of the best original finishing moves I've ever seen," he remarked, emphasizing his admiration for the flipping piledriver, which he has praised for nearly 15 years. Co-host Dave LaGreca concurred, asserting that the move left him in disbelief, convinced that no one could kick out of it.

Dwindling Canadian Destroyer Impact

However, Bully Ray and LaGreca have noticed a concerning trend in recent years—the overuse and dilution of the Canadian Destroyer. Their dismay reached a boiling point when they witnessed the move's repetitive execution during a recent "AEW Dynamite" episode in the International Championship match between Orange Cassidy and Penta El Zero Miedo.

Bully Ray's frustration was palpable as he lamented, "When I first saw it, I thought it was the most devastating thing I'd ever seen." LaGreca echoed his sentiments, questioning the wisdom of discarding such potent maneuvers.

According to Bully Ray, the issue at hand is the need for experienced wrestlers to take a more active role in guiding and educating the younger generation of talent. He emphasized the importance of veterans imparting their wisdom to emerging stars, not through blanket prohibitions but by helping them understand the reasoning behind wrestling traditions and practices.

Bully Ray passionately advocated for a return to a time when certain finishing moves were decisive, effectively concluding matches and elevating the drama of professional wrestling. In an era where spectacle often overshadows substance, the concerns raised by Bully Ray and others in the wrestling community serve as a reminder of the rich history and artistry that underlie this beloved form of entertainment.

As the industry continues to evolve, iconic moves like the Canadian Destroyer hang in the balance, awaiting the guidance and stewardship of wrestling veterans who seek to preserve its legacy.

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