Kevin Nash: Never Watched Dark Side of the Ring

Industry Veteran Kevin Nash Shares Candid Thoughts on Wrestling Docuseries.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kevin Nash: Never Watched Dark Side of the Ring
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Vice's documentary series "Dark Side of the Ring" has struck a chord with professional wrestling enthusiasts, delving into the gritty and controversial aspects of the industry. The show has covered topics ranging from the infamous Montreal Screwjob to the tragic deaths of wrestling icons like Bruiser Brody and Owen Hart and the turbulent careers of performers such as Marty Jannetty.

While fans have eagerly tuned in, some industry veterans like WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash remain steadfast in their decision to steer clear of the series. Speaking candidly on his podcast "Kliq This," Nash shared his perspective on "Dark Side of the Ring," revealing that he has never watched a single episode.

His rationale for abstaining from the series is rooted in his extensive 30-year tenure in the wrestling business. Nash questions why anyone deeply entrenched in the industry's inner workings would be compelled to revisit its darker aspects on television.

"I've never watched one episode of that show," Nash stated emphatically. "I don't understand why, if you lived in this industry for 30 years, you would want to? If you were a part of the dark side, why [watch it]?"

Nash's Lack of 'Dark Side' Interest

Nash clarified that he has never encountered a storyline or episode on "Dark Side of the Ring" that piqued his curiosity enough to prompt viewing.

Topics that might intrigue him, such as the tragic demise of Bruiser Brody, were already explored through firsthand accounts and discussions with individuals who experienced them alongside Nash. "I was on the 'plane ride from hell,'" Nash continued, alluding to the notorious incident highlighted in one of the show's episodes.

"Dark Side of the Ring" has encountered criticism from the wrestling industry since its inception. Controversial figures and events have been scrutinized, leading to confrontations and disputes among those featured or associated with the program.

From Sabu's disagreement with the portrayal of Bam Bam Bigelow to the intense fallout following the episode detailing the "Plane Ride From Hell" involving Ric Flair, the series has provoked strong reactions. The recently concluded fourth season of "Dark Side of the Ring" featured an episode dedicated to Marty Jannetty.

As for the show's future, it remains uncertain, with neither a renewal nor cancellation announcement made at this time. The debate over whether it offers valuable insight or reopens painful wounds within the wrestling community continues.

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