Road Dogg remarks on AEW's Jack Perry's "Small Ball Mentality


Road Dogg remarks on AEW's Jack Perry's "Small Ball Mentality
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Legendary WWE figure and Hall of Famer, "Road Dogg" Brian James, has voiced his concerns and discontent over "Jungle" Jack Perry's recent behavior and involvement in a backstage dispute with CM Punk during the AEW All In event.

This incident has led to significant ramifications, with Punk being dismissed from the company and Perry facing an indefinite suspension. On his popular podcast "Oh ... You Didn't Know," James elaborated on the matter, indicating his distaste for the "small-ball mentality" that seems to be pervasive in recent wrestling dynamics.

He emphasized that many of the issues emanating from such incidents are influenced by wrestlers placing undue attention on wrestling news outlets and "dirt sheets." James pointed out that many times, these sites are used by wrestlers to indirectly provoke or challenge their colleagues, potentially leading to real-life altercations.

Camaraderie Over Controversy

James stated, "There's not enough people meeting you at the curtain when you say stuff like that," highlighting the need for repercussions when unwarranted comments are made. Drawing from his vast experience and recalling the essence of wrestling, he mentioned, "Camaraderie is the best thing about the business.

Not money, not the wrestling — all that's exceptional — but truly, the pinnacle is sharing moments with fellow wrestlers and cherishing the good times." Comparing the olden days of wrestling to the current era, James reminisced, "Yesteryear ...

it wasn't rare to witness a physical altercation." He described scenarios where disagreements would sometimes escalate from the locker room to the airport. However, he laments the fact that in today's digital age, individuals often hide behind online platforms, spewing provocations without facing real-world consequences.

"People express whatever they wish on the internet without the fear of facing the repercussions," James opined. He further expressed his belief that our societal standards have declined, with the digital realm giving individuals an unchecked platform to act out.

This news is a pertinent reminder of the evolving dynamics in the wrestling world and serves as an appeal for maintaining professionalism and camaraderie in the industry.

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