Gunther, Chad Gable Receive Ovation After Raw Main Event

Dynamic duel ignites excitement in WWE's wrestling arena.

by Atia Mukhtar
Gunther, Chad Gable Receive Ovation After Raw Main Event
© Denise Salcedo/YouTube

The Intercontinental Title on "WWE Raw" has always been prestigious. However, the recent face-offs between GUNTHER and Chad Gable have brought fresh and invigorating energy to the championship. Over the past few weeks, Monday nights have been ablaze with the sheer athleticism displayed by these two top-tier talents.

Their duel on September 4, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, was iconic, gathering applause from all corners of the wrestling community, ranging from new fans to all-time legends. In a recent chat on "The Dale Jr. Download," Cody Rhodes, popularly known as "The American Nightmare," divulged the backstage reaction to the bout.

To gain a clearer perspective, a standing ovation in the 'Gorilla' position (backstage area near the entrance ramp) signifies immense appreciation from fellow wrestlers. After the match, Gable and GUNTHER received such an ovation, a testament to their performance.

Rhodes opined, "Last night, Chad Gable and GUNTHER delivered a main event that left us all speechless. As they walked back, all we could do was clap and appreciate that incredible showcase. Chad gave it his all, and I genuinely hope he soon gets his hands on the Intercontinental Championship, especially since his daughter eagerly anticipates that moment.

Following their match, I was tasked to step out and raise his hand before the dark match, a testament to his stature as an athlete."

So, what's the horizon holding for Chad Gable?

Following the stellar showdown, "The American Nightmare" further acknowledged Gable's efforts in front of the audience.

Having already notched a win over "The Ring General" through a countout and braving through a five-minute challenge previously, it seems Gable is well-positioned for another title shot. Anticipation is high, with fans yearning for a rematch at the Fastlane premium live event on October 7.

Chad Gable signed with WWE a decade ago and has been a prominent name in tag team wrestling. However, a singles title still eludes him. Given his mounting popularity and the roaring support from the WWE Universe, it might be the right moment for him to seize the Intercontinental Championship.

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