The Dudley Boyz Ink WWE Legends Deal

Iconic tag team revisits storied WWE past and achievements.

by Atia Mukhtar
The Dudley Boyz Ink WWE Legends Deal
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Wrestling enthusiasts are in for a nostalgic treat as Bully Ray and D-Von, better known as Team 3D in Impact Wrestling and the iconic Dudley Boyz in WWE, prepare to step back into the squared circle for Impact Wrestling's landmark 1000th episode.

While this reunion promises to be unforgettable, recent news surrounding their relationship with the WWE adds another intriguing layer to the narrative. According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, the Dudley duo has reportedly entered a legends contract with the WWE.

Although the specifics of these contracts remain under wraps, the forthcoming reunion at Impact 1000 and Bully Ray's continued active role in the company hint at a flexible understanding that allows them to engage with promotions outside the WWE's realm.

Dudley Boyz: WWE Legacy

A considerable amount of time since the Dudley Boyz showcased their signature in-ring chemistry on a WWE platform. Fans would have to return to SummerSlam 2016's kick-off show, where they squared off against the dynamic team of Sami Zayn and Neville.

Their contributions to sports entertainment were recognized in 2018 when they were ceremoniously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Post-induction, D-Von's journey was challenging as he grappled with health setbacks, necessitating back surgery and recovering from a stroke in 2020.

Wrestling enthusiasts worldwide sent their thoughts and prayers, and they were ecstatic to learn of his commendable recovery. The stage is set for D-Von's much-anticipated return to in-ring action. Teaming up with Bully, they are poised to face an undisclosed tag team at Impact 1000.

The ongoing developments within the world of professional wrestling serve as a testament to the enduring and universal appeal of the Dudley Boyz. This iconic tag team, known for their legendary run in both WWE and Impact Wrestling, continues to capture the hearts of fans across brand loyalties.

Their storied legacies have become invaluable assets for both organizations, promising fans a steady stream of exhilarating performances and unforgettable moments. As the Dudley Boyz defies the boundaries of time, their impact on the wrestling industry remains as profound as ever.