Vega's Red X Tweet Clarification

Zelina Vega clarifies mysterious tweet, supports CM Punk's WWE return.

by Noman Rasool
Vega's Red X Tweet Clarification
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Zelina Vega worked up a tempest of bits of gossip and hypothesis via virtual entertainment with an enigmatic tweet highlighting simply a red X emoticon, which she posted the morning after WWE Recompense and not long after the fresh insight about CM Troublemaker's delivery from AEW broke.

In a new meeting with Newsday's Alfonso Castillo, Vega shed light on the mysterious tweet, which many had deciphered as a kind of perspective to CM Punk, known for utilizing the red X image to address his Straight Edge way of life.

Nonetheless, Vega explained that she wasn't suggesting Troublemaker's wrestling future yet communicated her great wishes for him, saying, "I hope everything works out for him. Could it be perfect to see him once more? Totally."

Vega's Red X Revelation

Vega proceeded to make sense of that the red X was really a reference to her kindred LWO stablemate, Rey Mysterio, a 2023 WWE Lobby of Famer and the US Champion, alongside his child, WWE NXT North American Boss Dominik Mysterio.

She uncovered that the tweet was roused by Rey's ring entry clothing at WWE Recompense, where he had a major red 'X' all over on his coat. This unmistakable picture of putting an 'X' all over was something they intended to integrate into their storyline.

As to relationship with CM Punk, Vega had only certain words to share. She stressed that her associations with Punk had forever been fabulous, excusing any bad bits of hearsay or "soil sheet" reports. She communicated her excitement at the possibility of Troublemaker getting back to WWE, for the good of her own as well as for the fans also.

"He's forever been an incredible individual," Vega expressed. "There's layers to individuals. Furthermore, when individuals are simply so draped up on the external layers of what an individual can be, you stall out there. Also, to remain there, that is perfect.

In any case, when you get to know the center of an individual, that is where I like to hang out." Vega's public help for Punk repeats when Troublemaker went to bat for her during a meeting with Renee Paquette for her Oral Meetings digital broadcast in 2020, following Vega's transitory delivery from WWE.

Obviously their common regard and fellowship have persevered throughout the long term. In the realm of expert wrestling, where unions and contentions can move rapidly, Zelina Vega's new remarks mirror the persevering through bonds and companionships that frequently lie underneath the surface, reminding fans that there's something else to these geniuses besides what might be expected.

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