Kevin Knight Lauds Moné, Lists Top Wrestling Cities

Knight reveals deep affection for Washington's wrestling ambiance.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Knight Lauds Moné, Lists Top Wrestling Cities
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NJPW sensation Kevin Knight recently sat down with Women's Wrestling Talk, diving into a discussion about his favoured cities for wrestling and spotlighting the women who are ruling the wrestling world today. Knight quickly put Mercedes Moné on a pedestal, likening her influence in the wrestling sphere to Beyoncé in the music industry.

D.C.: Knight's Top Venue

Knight began by adoring Washington, D.C., as his most beloved wrestling location. "Regarding wrestling venues, D.C. reigns supreme for me," Knight said. "There's an unparalleled energy every time we're at the Capital Collision arena.

It's not just the roaring crowds but the entire atmosphere. The city itself has an incredible vibe, and after the matches, indulging in the local delicacies, especially the iconic Mumbo sauce, wings, and fries, makes the experience even more memorable." But it's about more than just the food and fans; according to Knight, D.C.'

s blend of music, culture, and enthusiasm is second to none. "The synergy of good music, delectable food, and passionate fans makes D.C. an unbeatable wrestling destination for me." While D.C. holds a special place in his heart, wrestling in Tokyo offers a distinct experience that Knight cherishes.

"The fans in Tokyo are a class apart. They deeply value technique and show immense respect," Knight explained. "Even though there might be a language barrier, their warmth and acceptance, especially for someone like me, whom they don't encounter daily, is genuinely heartwarming.

There's a unique blend of connection, even amidst the seeming disconnect." Turning his attention to the female wrestling pros, Knight praised Mercedes Moné. He admitted that although they haven't had in-depth personal interactions, he's keenly observed her prowess.

"Mercedes is like the Beyoncé of wrestling," Knight stated. "Her immense talent and charisma have garnered a loyal fan base that follows her wherever she goes. She's poised to elevate the industry even further with her anticipated contributions to the independent circuit and the combined world of New Japan and STARDOM." In Knight's view, the future of wrestling, with stars like Moné on the rise and dynamic cities like D.C. and Tokyo as stages, is set to be exhilarating.