Grayson Waller Fears Cody's SmackDown Move May Eclipse Him

ustralian wrestler Waller shares candid SmackDown roster insights.

by Noman Rasool
Grayson Waller Fears Cody's SmackDown Move May Eclipse Him
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In a riveting discussion on the "After The Bell" podcast, Australian wrestling sensation Grayson Waller expressed his apprehensions about the possibility of Cody, the "American Nightmare," transitioning to SmackDown. Waller, who has been diligently carving a niche for himself on the blue brand, voiced concerns about Cody overshadowing his recent accomplishments.

Waller's Cody Concerns

Waller remarked, "With all the speculations and buzz surrounding who might be making a move to SmackDown, my biggest concern is Cody." He elaborated on an incident from a recent show, "Just the other Saturday, I was gracious enough to have him on my show.

And what does he do? He takes a jibe, talking about hip toss class and bringing up my training with Terry Taylor. I cherish those learning sessions with Terry, but did Cody really need to highlight it in front of everyone?" While the wrestling world continues to speculate on possible transfers between brands, Waller has his wishlist.

With a hint of patriotism, he expressed, "If it's about adding someone to SmackDown, why not bring in fellow Australians? Indi Hartwell or maybe Bronson Reed would be great additions. Imagine turning SmackDown into a powerhouse showcasing the best of Australian talent!" Waller's vision for SmackDown doesn't necessarily align with the wider WWE community's expectations, but his passion is unmistakable.

"We don't need more stars trying to eclipse our efforts. What SmackDown needs now are committed talents, those ready to take up the torch and usher in a new era," Waller concluded. The potential shake-up in the WWE rosters has fans, experts, and wrestlers excitedly.

Whether Cody makes the move or not remains to be seen. But one thing is sure: Waller is ready to defend his turf and won't back down from a challenge. As this unfolds, watch MSN and Google News for the latest updates, insights, and analyses on this intriguing development in wrestling.

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