Mega Push Anticipated for WWE's LA Knight


Mega Push Anticipated for WWE's LA Knight
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According to insider sources, as the wrestling world buzzes with anticipation, WWE's LA Knight is set to experience a significant upward trajectory in his career. This information was recently divulged by the renowned Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which highlighted the wrestler's skyrocketing merchandise sales and stellar television ratings.

Historically, WWE has cautiously approached talent with marked crowd popularity, wary of potential short-lived trends or "fads". However, Knight's consistently impressive metrics across multiple platforms set him apart from the pack, solidifying confidence within the company that increased airtime for the wrestler would be a wise long-term investment.

Knight's Contract Buzz

Speculative murmurs suggested that WWE was reluctant to capitalize on Knight's surging popularity, as they aimed to secure him on an extended contract first. Fightful Select shed light on this, confirming that Knight's existing warranty extends until 2024 or early 2025.

Yet, more recently, PWInsider has chimed in with their intel, hinting that Knight might be on the cusp of signing a substantial contract extension. Some believe ink might already be drying, positioning Knight as SmackDown's lead babyface.

The inaugural step in this monumental push is likely set for September 8th's SmackDown episode – marking the first show following the Payback event. Knight secured a commendable win against The Miz during this Premium Live Event, with wrestling legend John Cena stepping in as the guest referee.

This match wasn't just about victory but was also underpinned by a palpable tension between the two superstars. The Miz has been vocal in his belief that Knight's surge in popularity is a mere transient wave bound to wane. In contrast, Knight stands firm, asserting his longevity in the wrestling realm.

Culminating the intense face-off, Knight emerged victorious and secured a ringing endorsement from Cena. The upcoming months are poised to be exhilarating for the WWE Universe and Knight's steadily growing fanbase as the star's momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

As this news reaches wider audiences, including platforms like MSN and Google News, all eyes will be on WWE's strategy for their rising Megastar.

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