Booker T Emphasizes the Significance of Navigating Wrestling's Behind-the-Scenes

Amidst wrestling drama, leadership decisions come under scrutiny.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Emphasizes the Significance of Navigating Wrestling's Behind-the-Scenes

In a recent episode of the "Hall Of Fame," wrestling legend Booker T, you delved into the inner workings of wrestling's backstage dynamics, shedding light on CM Punk's notable exit from AEW following an incident at All In.

He emphatically stated, "If you can't assimilate in the locker room, your chances in the ring are slim. It's a universal truth in sports; if you don't gel in the locker room, you'll inevitably clash with the team." Booker T, who has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice, acknowledged the distinctive culture of wrestling locker rooms, noting that while management steers the company's direction, the wrestlers maintain a self-regulating environment backstage.

During his stint with WWE, he witnessed locker-room dynamics guided by the likes of The Undertaker, ensuring that everyone adhered to the unspoken codes of conduct. He elaborated, "There has always been a natural hierarchy in place.

The concept of a 'wrestler's court' might be viewed as archaic by some, like CM Punk, but in this industry, it's essential for harmony."

Behind The Scenes Incident Tests Khan

AEW's Tony Khan has faced criticism in light of the Punk incident.

Many believe he should have intervened earlier, setting clear boundaries to prevent such fallouts. Booker T concurs, suggesting that Khan should have exerted more authority. However, he also empathizes with the challenges of leadership, especially when personal friendships are involved.

"AEW's greatest need is decisive leadership and clear direction," Booker T pointed out. "If Tony Khan finds it challenging to don the role of a strict overseer, given his ties with many wrestlers, it might be prudent to appoint someone who can.

Leadership, at times, requires unpopular decisions for the greater good." As the wrestling community continues to dissect the circumstances of CM Punk's departure, Booker T's insights offer a profound look into the intricacies of the world behind the curtain.

Often overlooked by fans, these backstage dynamics play a crucial role in shaping the on-stage narratives we so fervently follow.

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