Why Jake 'The Snake' Labels Bob Backlund as Unhinged?


Why Jake 'The Snake' Labels Bob Backlund as Unhinged?
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Jake Roberts, renowned as one of wrestling's most experienced veterans currently affiliated with AEW, has come across many intriguing personalities throughout his illustrious career. Bob Backlund, the former WWE Champion, is notably one of them.

In a recent appearance on "The Snake Pit," when prompted for stories about Backlund, Roberts offered an unfiltered perspective. Roberts exclaimed, "That man is something else – truly a force to be reckoned with! He possesses an extraordinary strength that often leaves others in awe.

Bob's passionate outbursts, especially during signings where he'd demonstrate a hold on someone, can be startling at times. His intensity can genuinely catch you off-guard." Yet, it's crucial to highlight that despite Roberts' vivid descriptions, he profoundly respects Backlund and acknowledges his unparalleled energy in the wrestling sphere.

Bob Backlund's Bold Challenge

Roberts recalled a memorable event from the late 70s and shed light on Backlund's character. He narrated, "During a stint in Mid South, an opportunity arose for wrestlers to face off against an imposing figure from LSU – a young man standing tall at 6'8 and weighing a hefty 350 pounds.

The challenge was clear: Who among the wrestlers dared to confront him in the ring? A defeat would be more than just a physical setback; it would dent one's wrestling reputation." The atmosphere grew tense as wrestlers hesitated.

That was until Backlund, much to everyone's surprise, confidently volunteered. Roberts recalled the disbelief in the room, "Everyone thought he was out of his mind!" Yet, what transpired in the ring was a testament to Backlund's prowess.

Without any intricate moves, Backlund secured his opponent in a firm headlock. The sheer power and pressure he exerted caused the massive opponent to lose consciousness swiftly. Roberts concluded with palpable admiration, "That particular instance wasn't merely a display of Backlund's unmatched physical prowess.

It was an embodiment of his undaunted courage and indomitable spirit. Witnessing such a feat was more than just impressive; it was a revelation, a testament to the very essence of what wrestling represents."

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