John Cena Next Step, Iyo Sky SmackDown Match


John Cena Next Step, Iyo Sky SmackDown Match
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In the latest Friday Night SmackDown episode, fans witnessed a series of thrilling revelations and announcements that are set to shake up the landscape of WWE's blue brand for the coming weeks. The spotlight shone brightly on John Cena, the legendary 16-time world champion, as it was unveiled that he will be appearing next week.

But not for a match – Cena will be stepping onto a different stage, joining up-and-comer Grayson Waller on his talk segment, "The Grayson Waller Effect." The significance of this collaboration shouldn't be underestimated.

Waller, a relatively new face in WWE, will surely gain immense exposure from sharing the stage with Cena. It’s a testament to WWE's commitment to building new stars. The burning question remains: What will these two discuss? Meanwhile, LA Knight, after his triumphant victory over The Miz at the Payback event, isn't quite ready to move on.

In a bold statement, Knight expressed his desire for another face-off with The Miz. Given their riveting feud and the electricity of their recent bout, it’s no surprise. WWE official Adam Pearce, acknowledging the potential of such a rematch, granted Knight’s wish.

Come next week, these two superstars will lock horns, possibly settling their score once and for all.

Asuka Targets Iyo Sky

However, the crescendo of announcements came when Asuka, the former women’s champion, staked her claim for another shot at the gold.

In a surprise appearance, the 'Empress of Tomorrow' interrupted a tag team match involving Damage CTRL, leaving a clear message for the current women’s champion, Iyo Sky. Asuka, with her actions, emphasized that she isn't fading into the background.

In a fortnight, she will challenge Iyo Sky for the women’s championship, setting up a much-anticipated rematch between these fierce competitors. With such enticing storylines and matches queued up, the WWE Universe is undoubtedly in for a roller-coaster of emotions and action in the upcoming episodes of SmackDown. Don’t miss out!

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