Jake Roberts Slams Bob Backlund as 'Maniac'


Jake Roberts Slams Bob Backlund as 'Maniac'
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In the ever-colourful world of professional wrestling, AEW's Jake "The Snake" Roberts recently opened up about his encounters with the enigmatic WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund. In an episode of "The Snake Pit," Roberts didn't mince words when asked to share anecdotes about the former WWE Champion.

With characteristic candour, Roberts declared, "He's a maniac. Are you kidding? That guy is a legit psycho. He's just ... that guy is so strong; it's incredible. He's a freak of nature. He'll lose it, man, and start screaming. He scares the out of me.

He does it at signings. He'll grab someone in a hold and scream like crazy."

Respect Amid Intensity

Despite the strong language and intense portrayal of Backlund, Roberts made it abundantly clear that he held immense respect for the former champion and his uniquely off-kilter demeanour.

He shared an intriguing story showcasing Backlund's unparalleled intensity and wrestling prowess. Reflecting on an incident from the late 1970s, Roberts recounted Backlund's involvement in a match at Mid South Wrestling. The promoter had brought in a colossal challenger from LSU, a towering figure at 6'8" and weighing 350 pounds.

This mammoth opponent sent shivers down the spines of fellow wrestlers who were reluctant to step into the ring, fearing that a loss would signal the end of their wrestling careers. However, Backlund boldly raised his hand and declared, "I'll take this challenge." Roberts recalled the moment vividly: "Everybody's like, 'Oh, no, man.'

But he went out there, and all he did was grab the guy in the headlock. He grabbed that guy in that headlock and squeezed so hard, the guy passed out. That was incredible, man. And it didn't take long either." The tale of Bob Backlund's unyielding grip and the subsequent unconsciousness of his massive opponent is a testament to his unparalleled strength and unwavering determination.

While Roberts may use colourful language to describe Backlund's intensity, it's clear that his admiration for the legendary wrestler shines through in every word. Wrestling fans continue to revel in the mystique of Bob Backlund, a true icon of the sport.

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