Dominik Mysterio: Wrestling's Rising Star


Dominik Mysterio: Wrestling's Rising Star
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During a recent appearance on The Ringer Wrestling Show, WWE superstar Finn Balor took some time to discuss various topics related to his career and the wrestling industry as a whole. One name that was brought to the forefront of the discussion was Dominik Mysterio, with whom Balor teamed up at the Judgment Day event.

Balor's high regard for Mysterio was evident as he called the budding wrestler "the future of the wrestling business." It's no secret that Dominik Mysterio entered the wrestling realm with quite an advantage, being the son of WWE Hall of Famer, Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio's legacy in the wrestling world is undeniable, and this naturally gave Dominik an initial boost. As Balor reflected, “I feel like [Dominik] was given kind of a warm reception when he came in because he was the son of Hall of Famer, son of Rey Mysterio." Fans of the Mysterio family naturally extended their affection and admiration for Rey to his son, Dominik.

It was as though they felt a sense of loyalty towards him, recognizing and respecting the wrestling lineage he hailed from. However, Finn Balor was quick to emphasize that while this early support for Dominik might have been grounded in his family ties, what Dominik has accomplished since is a testament to his personal commitment and talent.

Balor stated, "Once he stepped out from under that tree and started fending for himself, he’s just been a completely different animal." He highlighted not just Dominik's improvements in character and promo work, which is a critical aspect of professional wrestling, but also his tremendous growth inside the squared circle.

Dominik's Meteoric Rise: Spotlight-Ready

The most astounding aspect of Dominik's rise is the way he has essentially learned the ropes in real-time, under the glaring lights of live television. As Balor points out, “Most of his training has been done on the job, on live TV." For many, this would be a daunting challenge, but for Dominik, it's been an opportunity he's seized with both hands.

Given this trajectory and under the tutelage of seasoned wrestlers like Balor, the future indeed looks bright for Dominik Mysterio. As fans and enthusiasts of the wrestling business look forward to what the future holds, there's a growing consensus that the "future of the business" could very well rest in the hands of talents like Dominik Mysterio.

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