Jake The Snake Roberts Honors WWE Legend Terry Funk


Jake The Snake Roberts Honors WWE Legend Terry Funk
Jake The Snake Roberts Honors WWE Legend Terry Funk © WWE/YouTube

On a recent episode of "The Snake Pit", wrestling icon Jake "The Snake" Roberts offered a heartfelt tribute to the irreplaceable Terry Funk, who has undeniably etched his mark on the pro wrestling world. Roberts' voice quivered as he delved into memories, tracing the exceptional journey of his departed friend, Funk.

Roberts poignantly stated, "Terry wasn't just another wrestler. He was truly an entity unto himself – a '1 of 1' in our world. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest performers ever. The wrestling realm might witness many legends, but Funk's prowess, dedication, and passion stood apart." The emotional resonance in Robert's words only grew stronger as he reflected on Funk's legacy: "Every time he stepped into that ring, Terry gave more than anyone could expect.

He wasn't just a wrestler but a pioneer, introducing ideas and maneuvers that most of us hadn't even fathomed. Sharing moments with him, both inside and outside the squared circle, has been one of the highlights of my career."

Funk's Prophetic Insights

While Roberts cherished their interactions, he also highlighted Funk's uncanny ability to forecast the evolving dynamics of pro wrestling.

"Being with Terry was like having a glimpse into the future of wrestling. Some of his insights were so ahead of their time that they initially seemed baffling. But as things played out, you'd inevitably think, 'Terry saw this coming.'

" Interestingly, although Roberts and "The Funker" never squared off one-on-one in a bout, Roberts did grace the ring during the ECW's "50 Years Of Funk" tribute show in 1997, celebrating Funk's supposed retirement. But, displaying his indomitable spirit and love for wrestling, Terry Funk defied expectations and made a comeback 11 days after the event.

Funk's influence in pro wrestling remains undeniable for fans and peers alike. Jake Roberts' touching tribute only underscores the fact that Terry Funk wasn't just a wrestler; he was a revolutionary force that shaped the very fabric of the sport.

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