Booker T Stresses Locker Room Success in Wrestling

AEW faces internal dynamics scrutiny following Punk's departure.

by Atia Mukhtar
Booker T Stresses Locker Room Success in Wrestling
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Amidst the buzz of the recent release of CM Punk from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following a backstage incident at All In, wrestling legend and two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T shared his insights on locker room dynamics during the latest episode of "Hall Of Fame." According to him, harmonizing with peers backstage is paramount to a wrestler's success.

"Can't make it in the locker room; you have no chance of making it in the ring," Booker T emphasized, drawing parallels between wrestling and other sports. "If you can't harmonize with your peers behind the scenes, you'll inevitably face problems." Shedding light on the unique culture of the wrestling locker room during his WWE tenure, Booker T candidly shared that while the boss might oversee the bigger picture, the wrestlers effectively police each other.

The Undertaker and other veteran wrestlers would ensure everyone adhered to the unspoken rules and etiquette. "There was a clear pecking order. Contrary to some opinions, the wrestler's court plays a pivotal role in maintaining discipline and order," he remarked.

Contrary to CM Punk's previous statements dismissing the wrestler's court as trivial, Booker T staunchly believes in its necessity.

Khan's Leadership Questioned

Amidst the controversy surrounding CM Punk's exit, AEW owner Tony Khan has faced criticism for seemingly being too passive.

Fans and professionals alike believed he should've intervened sooner. Booker T echoed this sentiment but also sympathized with Khan's predicament. "AEW direly needs firm direction and assertive leadership. If Tony Khan finds it challenging to enforce discipline, perhaps considering someone else for the task would be prudent," he suggested.

Given his friendships within the company, he further commented on the complexity of Khan's position, saying, "Being the bad guy is challenging, especially when you're close with the roster." As the wrestling community continues to react to the backstage incident, Booker T's perspective offers a valuable look into the intricacies of the wrestling world, emphasizing the crucial balance between backstage harmony and in-ring performance.

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