CJ Perry aims to become the "top wrestling manager" once more

CJ Perry's AEW Debut Sparks Speculation and Excitement

by Noman Rasool
CJ Perry aims to become the "top wrestling manager" once more
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Wrestling enthusiasts undoubtedly recognize CJ Perry, best known for her WWE persona as Lana, where she had a remarkable tenure spanning from 2013 until her release in 2021. During her WWE stint, Perry notably played the on-screen manager of Rusev, now known as Miro in AEW.

Their professional relationship transcended into a real-life romance, culminating in their marriage in July 2016, a journey that was documented on WWE's "Total Divas" reality show. In a recent turn of events at the AEW All Out pay-per-view in Chicago, CJ Perry made her highly anticipated debut in AEW.

She came to the aid of Miro, who was enduring a post-match assault by Powerhouse Hobbs after a grueling encounter that saw the crowd erupt into "Meat" chants. Perry's surprise appearance marked a significant shift in her career trajectory, prompting speculation about her future in AEW.

Following her cameo at All Out, it was reported that CJ Perry had not yet signed an official AEW contract. However, there is considerable speculation about the possibility of such an agreement in the near future.

CJ Perry's Emotional AEW Return

Notably, CJ Perry resurfaced on AEW's "Collision" on September 9th, where she delivered a compelling promo.

In her address, she expressed feelings of abandonment by her husband, Miro, citing his pursuit of championship gold as the reason for their apparent rift. She passionately declared, "You took the righteous road. You left me...Now that I think about it, you truly have forsaken your god, your gold, and your hot, flexible wife." Perry's emotional monologue continued with a glimpse into her inner turmoil and her desire to revisit her past persona: "Oh, Miro, you really want to go down this path? I respect that.

But I'm gonna have to go down mine. I'm so torn...Every fabric of my being is yelling, 'Don't leave until you find out.' I once was the coldest manager in all of wrestling, and I think I want to do it again." While CJ Perry's future in AEW remains uncertain, her passionate words suggest a compelling journey ahead, potentially involving her return to her roots as a manager in the wrestling world.

Fans and wrestling enthusiasts alike eagerly await developments in the weeks to come as Perry navigates this intriguing new chapter in her career.

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