Cathy Kelley on Triple H & Stephanie McMahon's WWE return support

Resilience and Opportunity: Cathy Kelley's WWE Journey Continues

by Noman Rasool
Cathy Kelley on Triple H & Stephanie McMahon's WWE return support
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Cathy Kelley's journey with WWE has been marked by a story of doors always ajar, inviting her back into the world of professional wrestling entertainment. Her tenure with the company, spanning from 2016 to 2020, saw her excel in the role of a backstage interviewer.

However, when the dynamic duo of Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan took the helm as co-CEOs of WWE last year, and Paul "Triple H" Levesque assumed control of the company's creative direction, the opportunity for Kelley to return arose, and she embraced it wholeheartedly.

In a recent episode of "Out Of Character," Kelley shed light on her return to WWE, stating, "When I left, the door was never completely closed. I had always had an open door with both Steph and Triple H, stayed in contact the entire time." Her words reflect the strong bonds she maintained with WWE's top brass during her hiatus.

Kelley further emphasized the leadership qualities of Triple H and McMahon, whom she holds in high regard. Her experience working alongside Triple H during his tenure at the helm of "NXT" left a lasting impression, and with him now steering WWE's main roster, Kelley saw a perfect opportunity to pursue her ambitions.

"It felt like the right time and the right opportunity," Kelley affirmed. She highlighted Stephanie McMahon's welcoming approach, who encouraged her to explore commentary and writing roles, knowing that Kelley held a deep passion for both areas of the industry.

Kelley on Triple H & McMahon

Kelley also expressed her admiration for Triple H and McMahon, acknowledging their remarkable leadership. "I don't know what about me Triple H sees, but I look up to both of them. I think that they're both incredible leaders," she confessed.

"Just being around both of them at the panels that we've done, you learn just by osmosis, seeing how they work, seeing how much passion they have for the industry." Throughout her journey, Cathy Kelley's return to WWE was marked by a sense of readiness and purpose.

She emphasized that the door was always open, and her return felt like a natural progression. "Because that door was always open, I don't think I second-guessed coming back," Kelley noted, pointing out that the perfect role was waiting for her, and she was well-prepared to seize it.

In a world where opportunities come and go, Cathy Kelley's reentry into WWE is a testament to the enduring relationships and the passion that fuels the industry. With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's leadership guiding the way, the WWE universe can expect to see Kelley shine in roles that perfectly align with her talents and aspirations.

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