Grayson Waller Critiques NXT vs. Main Roster; Slams New York City


Grayson Waller Critiques NXT vs. Main Roster; Slams New York City
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WWE sensation Grayson Waller recently made waves on the "After The Bell" podcast, delving into his personal experiences navigating the transition from NXT to the main roster and offering some candid remarks about New York City.

Waller quickly highlighted the travel demands when prompted about the significant contrasts between WWE's developmental territory, NXT, and the main roster. "Certainly, the travel is the standout difference," Waller began, emphasizing his fledgling journey in the primary roster circuit.

"With NXT, there was the luxury of wrapping up a show and cozying up in my bed shortly after. It was almost surreal."

Waller's Travel Revelations

Waller further elaborated, drawing comparisons with veterans like Rey Mysterio.

"It's humbling when you think of someone like Rey, who's globe-trotted for decades. Meanwhile, here I am, hopping from Canada to Alabama to Pittsburgh, getting my first taste of these cities. Some are hits, some misses, but there's no denying the travel can be gruelling." However, Waller admitted there's a silver lining to this demanding schedule.

"While the road can be tough, there's a newfound thrill in discovering these places for the first time," he said, capturing his mix of weariness and wonder. Yet, not all destinations have left a positive impression on the WWE superstar.

New York City, for instance, drew Waller's ire. Waller described the city with stark honesty: "New York is unequivocally the worst place I've ever set foot in. It's perplexing how such a globally acclaimed city can seem so uninviting.

The omnipresent city smells and the overwhelming ambience wasn't for me." Contrastingly, he sang praises for Philadelphia, a city historically bogged down by a mixed reputation. "I ventured into Philly, half expecting to be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised given its notoriety.

Maybe it was the sunny disposition of the summer or just a good day in the city, but I found myself quite charmed." As Waller continues his meteoric rise within the WWE, fans are sure to anticipate more candid insights and musings from this rising star. Readers can catch the whole discussion on the "After The Bell" podcast.

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